First original sketch. Lego was very excited about the design and also amazed that no one had ever thought to do a clear arm before.
The first full color image of Jek-14. At the time, he was described as a "dark, mysterious Jedi."
Some more Jek-14 sketches and a photo of the actual final toy. The arm was switched to the left arm so he could block and summon energy shields while he wields his lightsaber. 
Rough sketches for an image to help visualize the new character.
I was involved in the early stages of a series of episodes to air on Cartoon Network that featured Jek-14. This was an idea for a prison that would hold Yoda captive.
Some early concepts for a larger idea surrounding Jek-14 that included an academy of "Force Builders" that were adept at building certain vehicles and structures with the force.

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