Hasbro internal pitch for a proposed zombie themed toy line. First came the comic book, followed by the animated version of the story in "motion comic" style.
A page from the comic book. Image on the left is the rough layout submitted for approval, the right image is the final colored comic page.
This is the finished "motion comic" that the people at Hasbro used for their pitch. We even did the voices. My apologies in advance.
The zombie idea underwent some revisions at Hasbro. They came to us to put together another animated pitch. This one however, was more in the style of animated storyboards.
These are some of the boards from the zombie pitch. Knowing that we were going to be animating these, I made sure they were drawn in layers and extended beyond the frames to accommodate movement.
The final animatic is full of action and comedy. It flowed nicely and really started to successfully depict the idea they had envisioned. Voices again by us. ;)

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