Lego - custom minifigures

The following are a slew of minifig drawings that I did for fun or were commissioned for clients. A lot of these were for tattoos! The fun/challenging part is interpreting a character's traits and costume to minfig style. I tried to stick with the Lego rules for the most part, but sometimes the client requested I break those rules, which made for interesting results.

Cole McGrath from the video game Infamous.
Vincent from Final Fantasy 7
Marvel comic character Cable.
CID from Final Fantasy 7
Leela from Futurama.
Barret from Final Fantasy 7
RED XIII from Final Fantasy 7.
Black Widow from the Avengers.
A Psycho from the video game Borderlands.
McCloud from Final Fantasy 7.
Zoidberg from Futurama.
Heath Ledger Joker.
ROTJ Luke Skywalker.
Stitch in a tutu....don't ask.
Thor from the Avengers.

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