Killer Minnow Ale

To express their gratitude to their clients Killer Minnow decided to deliver a custom brewed Pale Ale packaged in a hand made "crate" to them for the holidays. After enlisting the help of a local brewing aficionado, we set out to design a label and packaging that would capture the spirit of Killer Minnow. The result was a delicious brew with a distinguished presentation that was well received by all!

I started with some rough sketches on the Cintiq (left). After arriving at a final design, the illustration was laid out for a main label and one for the neck of the bottle (right)
After the custom Pale Ale was bottled and labeled, they were packaged in hand made "crates", which were comprised of rough cut wood, rope and home made coffee and vinegar stain.
The bottle labeling production line.
The final product, packaged with natural colored shredded paper  and a one of a kind Killer Minnow beverage coaster.

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