SW Lego storyboards - Death Star Attack
If there's one thing I love more than anything, it's scripting and then visualizing action sequences. Here are the boards for a webisode for the Lego Star Wars website.
Nickelodeon games
I've been fortunate enough to be involved in several projects with the good folks at Nickelodeon games. Here is some imagery from the concept and design phase of a game with a comedic approach to age old video game tropes.
Cartoon - Character Design
Creating personalities. Expressing a new character's moods and emotions in order to know them. You draw a thing for a couple hours and suddenly you have a new friend in your life.
SciFi and Fantasy Illustration
Some works that fall into the Sci-Fi and Fantasy categories. Vehicles and characters for comic books and video games, with both a serious and comedic tone.
March of Robots 2017
Every March, folks of the artist persuasion draw robots everyday in the month of March. Some people post what's called "prompt lists" that have themes for each day. Here are the automated tomfoolery I was able to find the time to illustrate.
Get your goat
Character designs for an animated project.
Nickelodeon needed some creative concept work done for a couple of TMNT licensed video games. Here are some of the mock ups, game play concepts and interface designs. The games varied from a 2D side scrolling platform to a new approach with touch and flip mechanics.
Lego Star Wars - JEK-14
I was tasked with helping Lego design the first ever original Star Wars character exclusive to the Lego Star Wars universe. The result was Jek-14, who made it all the way to the toy shelves and even maintained the name I gave him!
Hasbro Zombie Pitches
Animated comics and storyboards for Hasbro
Rocket Runner
Art assets and design for the iOS game Rocket Runner
Killer Robot Toys - Concept
Concept sketches for a movie about killer toys.
NINJAGO - toy and character design
Concept work to establish the look of the NInjago Nindroids and their weaponry.
SW Lego storyboards - A Grievous Error
After a lightsaber incident on board, General Grievous has crashed his ship on Coruscant. Now he has a contingent of Jedis to deal with. Storyboards for a webisode on the Star Wars Lego website.
Lego-Illustration, Comics
Some sequential examples of my work with Lego. I have been tasked with conceptualizing and producing many animated and printed comic pieces.
Star Wars - Fly Swatter
Star Wars Lego webisode, nick named "Fly Swatter" (you'll see why in the video) which was one of many pieces of content written and storyboarded by me for the Lego website. The animators did an amazing job of capturing the feel and flow of the action tin the storyboards below,
Zerks Bot Bash
Here is some of the creative and production work for an iPad game called Zerks Bot Bash. It was a tilt controlled platformer.
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