Durham Fair Poster
Promotional poster and content as well as a souvenir t-shirt illustrated and designed for the 2017 Durham fair.
Resort & Casino Illustration
Here is a collection of commercial illustration pieces produced for the Mohegan Sun Casino and the Atlantis Resort.
Personal Illustrations
Fan art, commissions and illustrations for the pure joy of it!
Mohegan Sun game board
Game on! A mailer that isn't just junk mail, it's a board game.
Killer Minnow Ale
To express their gratitude to their clients Killer Minnow decided to deliver a custom brewed Pale Ale packaged in a hand made "crate" to them for the holidays. After enlisting the help of a local brewing aficionado, we set out to design a label and packaging that would capture the spirit of Killer Minnow. The result was a delicious brew with a distinguished presentation that was well received by all!
Friar Tuck's Tavern
There's a new watering hole in Mystic, Ct. and it needed a logo/mascot. What could be more fun than Friar Tuck sitting on a keg, inventing you to come and imbibe and be merry?
MutuaLink City Map
MutuaLink needed a animated graphic to depict the coverage of their IRAPP system over an entire community. Using rough sketches to show the layout of the many buildings required, the final city was able to be illustrated and then animated.
Design Exploration
Here lie those orphaned pieces that were either not used or done for the sheer joy of design.
Christmas cards - family
Epic. Explosive. Festive. Christmas cards that definitely get stuck on all the fridges.
Logo - Design
Logos that combine elements of illustration as well as design.
Lego Superheroes - Illustration
Illustrations for Lego Superhero packaging.
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