Christmas cards - family

Every fall, me and my family go into the basement with props, costumes, a camera and an idea for s new Christmas card to send to our friends and family. Here are the last three years glossy greetings we sent out.

1. 2015 - an advent calendar theme, 2. 2014 - An olde time "frontier" theme,
3. 2016 - An action blockbuster movie poster style.

Frontier theme. I had to remind my family to not smile, and put on sullen frontier faces. We has a few antique pieces of furniture that we gathered for the background. I made sure we did the photo shoot on the day we got back with the tree. I built the back wall from multiple elements I found on the internet.
I can't believe we got both dogs to sit still for that photo.

The advent calendar background is comprised of photo manipulation, texture and some hand painted imagery by me. I had my family hold things that were the same size as the props I planned on putting in their hands. I'm sooo clever...

This one was especially fun. Using props and setting up the base photos with costume elements that would be easy to add onto in PS. I built the candy cane bullets in Illustrating using the 3D tool. I photoshopped candy cane colors onto the weapons and made candy cane throwing knives. I topped it off with a custom bottle of John McClane spiked egg nog bottle. To make it more "movie poster" like, I created some logos at the bottom and made my own rating label.

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